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Jahmaol Clark’s “Timeless” ft. Broderick Perkins – A Summer Hip-Hop Throwback

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Jahmaol Clark's "Timeless" ft. Broderick Perkins - A Summer Hip-Hop Throwback

Jahmaol Clark's "Timeless" ft. Broderick Perkins - A Summer Hip-Hop Throwback!

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Jahmaol Clark’s latest single “Timeless,” featuring Broderick Perkins, is a refreshing blend of faith-inspired lyrics and mainstream hip-hop vibes.

Produced by 1995, Rapzilla’s top producer of 2023, and mixed by GRAMMY award-winning engineer Jacob “Biz” Morris, this track captures the essence of a perfect summer throwback.

With its iconic boom bap and bouncy summer energy, “Timeless” is set to be your go-to track for sunny days and windows-down cruising.

The Genesis of “Timeless”

Jahmaol Clark isn’t just making music; he’s crafting experiences. His latest single, “Timeless,” is no exception. Collaborating with Broderick Perkins, Clark creates a unique blend of faith-infused lyrics and mainstream appeal.

The title itself speaks volumes about the track’s intention—creating something that stands the test of time, much like the genre’s classics.

Stellar Production by 1995

At the heart of “Timeless” is its production, helmed by none other than 1995, who was crowned Rapzilla’s top producer of 2023.

Known for his ability to blend old-school hip-hop with contemporary beats, 1995 brings his A-game to this track. The beat is a nostalgic nod to the boom-bap era, yet it’s infused with a fresh, bouncy energy perfect for summer.

Mixing Magic by Jacob “Biz” Morris

Elevating the track even further is the expert mixing by GRAMMY award-winning engineer Jacob “Biz” Morris of Reach Records.

Morris, a seasoned professional in the industry, ensures that every element of the track shines. His touch guarantees that “Timeless” sounds impeccable, whether you’re blasting it through your car speakers or listening on your headphones.

Lyrics That Inspire

One of the standout features of “Timeless” is its lyrical content. Jahmaol Clark and Broderick Perkins deliver verses that are not only catchy but also thought-provoking.

The faith-inspired lyrics weave seamlessly with the mainstream hip-hop vibe, creating a track that’s both uplifting and relatable. It’s a perfect example of how music can be both entertaining and meaningful.

A Nostalgic Summer Vibe

“Timeless” is more than just a song; it’s an experience. The track is a summer throwback, designed to make you reminisce about good times with the windows down and the music up.

The combination of iconic boom bap and a bouncy summer energy makes it an ideal soundtrack for any sunny day adventure.

Broderick Perkins’ Contribution

Broderick Perkins brings his unique flair to “Timeless,” complementing Clark’s style perfectly. His verses add depth to the track, making the collaboration a standout feature.

Together, Clark and Perkins create a dynamic duo that elevates the song to new heights.

The Making of a Classic

From the meticulous production by 1995 to the masterful mixing by Jacob “Biz” Morris and the inspiring lyrics by Jahmaol Clark and Broderick Perkins, “Timeless” is a testament to what happens when talented artists come together.

The track is poised to become a classic, resonating with listeners for years to come.

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