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Jairian, Rising Star in the Christian Hip Hop Scene, Unveils “The Dear America EP”

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Jairian, Rising Star in the Christian Hip Hop Scene, Unveils "The Dear America EP"

In an exciting development for fans of Christian hip hop and heartfelt music, emerging artist Jairian, known on social media and streaming platforms as @miajairian, has released his much-anticipated project, “The Dear America EP.”

This collection of six deeply personal tracks marks a significant milestone in Jairian’s budding musical journey, introducing listeners to his profound connection with God and his passion for music shaped by his own life experiences.

“The Dear America EP” is more than just an album; it’s a glimpse into Jairian’s soul, crafted through a blend of testimony and artistic exploration.

From the moving strains of the “Dear America Intro” to the powerful beats of the single “God Forbid,” Jairian’s work has already begun to resonate within the community, garnering acclaim from influential platforms such as Rapzilla, Christian Hip Hop Promotions, Gospel Grind Radio, and Holy Culture, among others.

At the heart of this EP’s creation was Jairian’s hands-on involvement in every aspect, from its visionary inception to its meticulous execution.

Teaming up with his brother Dominic Jordan, Jairian has taken the helm as an executive producer, immersing himself in the beat production, mixing, collaboration, and strategizing phases to ensure that the final product not only aligns with his artistic vision but also meets the highest standards of musical quality.

A standout track from the EP, “Crown,” symbolizes Jairian’s aspirations and commitment to his craft.

Alongside announcements of the EP’s release, Jairian has shared captivating visuals including cover art for “Crown” and the EP itself, a sneak peek of the “Crown” music video, and all essential links to the music, inviting listeners to experience the depth and breadth of his creative expression.

Behind the scenes, “The Dear America EP” boasts an impressive roster of collaborators.

The project features production by the talented Daen Simmons, also known as Pyro or WHO, a former member of I15 with credits including work with Big Sean, Bobby V, and Kanye West.

The mixing and executive production prowess of Dominic Jordan from The Audibles—known for his Grammy-nominated work with artists like Justin Bieber, Lupe Fiasco, and Chris Brown—further elevates the EP’s sound.

Mastering engineer Colin Leonard from Sing Mastering, with a portfolio that includes industry giants like Beyonce, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Baby, and Cardi B, ensures that “The Dear America EP” stands out with its sonic clarity and impact.

As Jairian embarks on this exciting phase of his career, he is keen on exploring opportunities for playlist inclusion and promotional endeavors to share his message and music with a broader audience. With “The Dear America EP,” Jairian sets the stage for a promising future in music, grounded in faith, authenticity, and an unwavering love for the art form.

Stay tuned to Jairian’s journey and join him in this musical voyage by following @miajairian on all social media and streaming platforms.

For more information, follow Jairian on social media:

For further details, visit miajairian.com.

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