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Jarred AllStar x Davina x Jonnie Kilroy – The Getting Money, Money Haters Club

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Jarred AllStar x Davina x Jonnie Kilroy - The Getting Money, Money Haters Club

The debut album from the collective, “The Getting Money, Money Haters Club” is a self-titled body of work that places the group in a space all their own.

The album is made up of 14 songs each playing their own role in defining the groups’ purpose, emphasizing the faith, and providing high level lyricism.

The group’s members all deliver in ways which showcase their giftings uniquely.

Jarred Allstar is the brash, punch line heavy, unapologetic Jesus’ lover who doesn’t take his foot off the pedal for a moment. His wife, Davina is a sultry gospel singer whose voice has a healing attribute that cannot be ignored as if that wasn’t enough, she also is an emcee to be reckoned with in her own right.

Jonnie Kilroy embodies New York hip hop to the core, painting pictures with introspective story telling coupled with gems for all who would listen.

Together they create a sound that encapsulates the alluring nuances of several genres at once all working in unison to the glory of God.

Audio Preview:

More About Jarred:

How do you say “we’re in the world but not of it” in modern day terminology?

Introducing “The Getting Money, Money Haters Club,” 3 artists using their music as a vehicle to remind those who listen that money and all earthly things are a vapor in comparison to things eternal.

Christian Hip Hop Emcee Jarred AllStar is joined by his wife Davina (singer/rapper), and longtime friend and rapper Jonnie Kilroy to form the collective. Their sound is a robust yet vulnerable mixture of soul, gospel and hip hop with jazz undertones that can only be described as refreshing.



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