Jay Bizzze Uplifts with “HBN ANTHEM” – A New Anthem for Christian Rap

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Jay Bizzze Uplifts with "HBN ANTHEM" – A New Anthem for Christian Rap

Jay Bizzze Uplifts with "HBN ANTHEM" – A New Anthem for Christian Rap

In an era marked by division, Jay Bizzze emerges as a unifying voice with his latest single, “HBN ANTHEM”.

Known for his potent lyrics and deep spiritual connections, Bizzze not only addresses the current social climate but also echoes a message of allegiance to a higher authority.

With “HBN ANTHEM”, Jay Bizzze invites his listeners to embrace a soundtrack that celebrates divine kingship over worldly powers.

Jay Bizzze, has only one agenda he’s pushing on his second single of 2024, HBN ANTHEM, and it’s the kingdom agenda (Matthew 6:33 & Luke 2:49).

Jay Bizzze says, “while it is beneficial to be educated and involved in the political affairs of government, which God instituted (Romans 13:1-7), it is far more necessary to be aware of how our allegiance is ultimately reserved for God (Matthew 22:15-22), for although Caesar’s image may be imprinted on the coin, God’s image is imprinted on the person (Genesis 1:27).”

A Closer Look at Jay Bizzze

Born in Portsmouth, VA, and now making waves from Lynchburg, VA, Jay Bizzze is more than just a Christian Hip-Hop artist. He is a storyteller, a recording engineer, and an entrepreneur with a flair for blending biblical truths with contemporary sounds.

The founder of the Christian streetwear brand, HizBizNiz, Bizzze embodies the spirit of his music in every aspect of his life and work.

The Rise of a Christian Rap Influencer

Jay Bizzze’s journey in the music industry is marked by significant milestones. His album “Nevah Lost Vol. 1”, executively produced by notable figures such as New York Giants running back and New York Times Bestselling Author Rashad Jennings, showcases his knack for creating compelling narratives through music.

This album set the stage for his performance at Morehouse College, where he opened for artists like Lil Baby, Rowdy Rebel, and DC Young Fly in front of a massive audience of over 5,000 people from 50 HBCUs.

Tracks that Resonate Beyond Music

Jay’s track “WHERE U BEEN? (Freestyle)” found its way onto BET’s Gospel Music playlist “Pulse of the Kingdom” in March 2023, proving his music resonates on a national level.

Moreover, his recent hit “YOU THOUGHT I WAS PLAYIN” was featured on Rapzilla’s Christian Rap playlist in February 2024, further cementing his place in the Christian rap scene.

Unpacking “HBN ANTHEM”

“HBN ANTHEM” isn’t just a song; it’s a movement. Released amidst the tumult of an election year, the track challenges listeners to consider where their loyalties lie.

Incorporating references from Matthew 6:33 and Luke 2:49, Jay Bizzze uses his music to advocate for a life centered around God’s glory, rather than earthly divisions.

The Sound and Spirit of “HBN ANTHEM”

Musically, “HBN ANTHEM” features trunk-rattling bass and a hook that could easily become a stadium anthem. However, it’s the candid lyrics that truly define the song, offering a potent reminder of our true identity and allegiance in times of societal strife.


As “HBN ANTHEM” makes its rounds and gains traction among fans and newcomers alike, it serves as a call to reflect on our values and the foundations of our faith.

Jay Bizzze isn’t just making music; he’s crafting anthems for a generation in search of meaning and direction.

Jay Bizzze’s “HBN ANTHEM” is now available for streaming on all major platforms.

Don’t miss out on this influential track that redefines the boundaries between music and ministry.

Audio Preview:


Rising out of Lynchburg, Va, Jay Bizzze is turning heads in Christian Hip Hop by bringing a sound with him that calls back to the golden age of CHH, which is cherished among many within the scene.

His ability to share the truths of God’s word in a creative and relatable fashion makes his music stand out.

That is why in the fall of 2021, former New York Giants Running Back, Dancing With The Stars Season 24 Champion, and New York Times Bestselling Author Rashad Jennings reached out to Jay and fellow artists G. I. Wonder, and Chad Nelson to work on a collaborative rap album for his gaming organization, Nevah Lost, titled Nevah Lost, Vol. 1, which released Saturday, July 9th.

Ahead of the album, Jay performed at Morehouse College for 50 HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), totaling over 5,000 people in attendance, opening up for artists Lil Baby, Rowdy Rebel & DC Young Fly.



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