Jay Bizzze - Mr. Doomzilla

It's no secret now that every song from Hip-Hop Artist Jay Bizzze has a deeper meaning to it, and his chilling new single. “Mr. Doomzilla” Proves It!

Taking inspiration from two of the most well-known supervillains in the world, Doctor Doom and Godzilla, Jay Bizzze pulls back the curtain to reveal to his fans the dark side of him, who he calls Mr. Doomzilla. Over a menacing trap beat and a haunting melody, Jay sheds light on the demons he faces every day, making this his most vulnerable record to date.

Audio Preview - Jay Bizzze “Mr. Doomzilla”:

‘Mr. Doomzilla” Is Available On All Major Outlets:

More about Jay Bizzze:

In just a short time, Bizzze has developed a humble, highly respected, and very mature persona. As a student at the largest private Christian school in the state of Virginia (Liberty Christian Academy (LCA)), he ministered to students at chapels and convocations. He also created the school’s first-ever fight song, the LCA Bulldogs Anthem, and video: https://bit.ly/2OvZM5W. A couple of years later, he created a second school song and video entitled LCA Anthem IIhttps://bit.ly/2P7k4lw.

Both are continually played at the schools sporting events. His talent caught the attention of former New York Giants Running Back and Dancing With The Stars Season 24 Champion Rashad Jennings, who actually stars in the LCA Anthem II video.

Jay Bizzze was born in Portsmouth, VA in April 2000. He took his first stab at rap just four years ago. The producers of the T’Challa video, Aerial Illustrations, have asked Jay to continue with them as they back him in his future projects.



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