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"You ready?" Jay Bizzze aggressively asks at the start of the track as if he's warning you to hang on to your hat before he takes you on the wild and raucous ride that is "The Demo."

Unlike any of his other projects, we hear Jay Bizzze at his most energetic and confident self.

Each line is belted out like a charge as if it was coming from a drill sergeant. Yet with the overall hype tone of this track, Jay Bizzze still manages to provide a pocket of comic relief between each verse that engages his fans and shows them a side of him that hasn’t been revealed in previous songs, his charisma.

Just as clever as the wordplay and metaphors that are throughout this song so are the meaning. With “The Demo”, Jay puts himself into the shoes of a young, hungry, up-and-coming talent who’s trying to impress the record labels in 3 minutes or less with his demo tape.

It’s with that same hunger and drive that Jay channels into this song, spitting some of his best lyrics, and heroes it so well because quite frankly, he’s in those shoes now.

Ever so serious about his faith in Jesus Christ, there are potent one-liners scattered throughout the song that detail his love and devotion to Jesus, making this a fun, unashamed, hype song fit to be added to your workout playlist or any playlist that just gets you pumped.

Audio Preview - Jay Bizzze "The Demo":

More about Jay Bizzze:

In just a short time, Bizzze has developed a humble, highly respected, and very mature persona. As a student at the largest private Christian school in the state of Virginia (Liberty Christian Academy (LCA)), he ministered to students at chapels and convocations. He also created the school’s first-ever fight song, the LCA Bulldogs Anthem, and video: https://bit.ly/2OvZM5W. A couple of years later, he created a second school song and video entitled LCA Anthem IIhttps://bit.ly/2P7k4lw.

Both are continually played at the schools sporting events. His talent caught the attention of former New York Giants Running Back and Dancing With The Stars Season 24 Champion Rashad Jennings, who actually stars in the LCA Anthem II video.

Jay Bizzze was born in Portsmouth, VA in April 2000. He took his first stab at rap just four years ago. The producers of the T’Challa video, Aerial Illustrations, have asked Jay to continue with them as they back him in his future projects.

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