Jay Bizzze Unveils New Single “YOU THOUGHT I WAS PLAYIN” in a Bold Testament of Faith and Determination

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Jay Bizzze Unveils New Single "YOU THOUGHT I WAS PLAYIN" in a Bold Testament of Faith and Determination

Lynchburg, VA – February 16, 2024 – After making significant waves in the Christian Hip-Hop scene and the streetwear fashion industry with his brand HizBizNiz, Jay Bizzze, born Jeremiah Bell, is back with his latest single, “YOU THOUGHT I WAS PLAYIN.” This release is not just a track but a declaration of Jay Bizzze’s unwavering commitment to his faith, his art, and the message he’s destined to share.

“YOU THOUGHT I WAS PLAYIN” emerges as a powerful narrative that intertwines Jay Bizzze’s lyrical prowess with his spiritual convictions, echoing the parable of the talents from Matthew 25:14-30. Through his music, Jay Bizzze confronts the doubts cast by others and himself, reaffirming that his musical and entrepreneurial ventures are far from mere hobbies. They are divine callings, entrusted to him by God, to be nurtured and shared with the world.

This single stands as a testament to Jay Bizzze’s journey, not only as an artist but as a devout Christian striving to live a life that glorifies God. “If God has blessed us with talents and a purpose, it is our duty to act, to use these gifts in service of a higher calling,” says Jay Bizzze. “This song is a thank you to my Savior, Jesus Christ, a nod to my supporters, and a clear message to the skeptics – my faith and my work are my mission.”

Born in Portsmouth, VA, and currently residing in Lynchburg, VA, Jay Bizzze’s music resonates with listeners through its authentic blend of personal testimony and scriptural truths. His unique ability to convey the gospel in a relatable and engaging manner has set him apart in the Christian Hip-Hop genre. Following the success of his album “Nevah Lost Vol. 1,” and notable performances, including an appearance before 5,000 people at Morehouse College, Jay Bizzze continues to use his platform to spread the word of God and connect with audiences on a profound level.

“YOU THOUGHT I WAS PLAYIN” is available for streaming on all major platforms from Friday, February 16th. Join Jay Bizzze as he shares his journey, his faith, and his unyielding dedication to his craft through this compelling new single.

For more information, to schedule interviews, or for press inquiries, please contact Jeremiah Bell at jbizzee18@gmail.com.

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Rising out of Lynchburg, Va, Jay Bizzze is turning heads in Christian Hip Hop by bringing a sound with him that calls back to the golden age of CHH, which is cherished among many within the scene.

His ability to share the truths of God’s word in a creative and relatable fashion makes his music stand out.

That is why in the fall of 2021, former New York Giants Running Back, Dancing With The Stars Season 24 Champion, and New York Times Bestselling Author Rashad Jennings reached out to Jay and fellow artists G. I. Wonder, and Chad Nelson to work on a collaborative rap album for his gaming organization, Nevah Lost, titled Nevah Lost, Vol. 1, which released Saturday, July 9th.

Ahead of the album, Jay performed at Morehouse College for 50 HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), totaling over 5,000 people in attendance, opening up for artists Lil Baby, Rowdy Rebel & DC Young Fly.



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