Jon Keith releases EREMOS

Jon Keith releases EREMOS

Jon Keith releases “EREMOS”.

Celebrating the blessings bestowed upon the rising MC on high-powered songs like PRESS and CHOSE, standout tracks JAMES DEAN with Grammy-winner Lecrae, and NO FRIENDS provides crystalline mood pieces, with acrobatic verses, addicting melodies and heavy 808s.

Venturing between life’s inevitable lows throughout the LP, Jon grapples with feelings of solitude on WHO’S LAUGHING and delves into his bouts with depression on the synth-driven cut THE BRIDGE. Displaying a rare and welcomed authenticity over an eclectic palette of sonic backdrops, Jon Keith paints a masterful self-portrait that aims to inspire hope and life into listeners who struggle with suicidal ideation, mental illness, and the feeling of loneliness.

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Jon Keith releases EREMOS