Joseph Madigan – Red Letters ft. Big Fil &

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Joseph Madigan - Red Letters ft. Big Fil &

Joseph Madigan – “Red Letters” ft. Big Fil &

The song is about not compromising God’s word to settle for less than giving our all to the words Jesus spoke. We are made leaders by humbling ourselves in pursuit of him.

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Short Bio: Joseph Madigan:

Going through an arduous journey and facing several challenges in life, Joseph Madigan comes from being a homeless individual at the age of 16 to establish himself.

Despite going through hardships, Joseph Madigan never lost his faith in God and believed in Him at every step of his life.

He started making music without covetousness to get famous; instead, he always aimed to inspire people, encouraging them to seek God and learn to grow their faith in Him.

He has now been songwriting for ten years and building his character behind closed doors.

Being a Christian artist with the zeal and intention of inspiring love and trust in God and his Word.



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