Kajmir Kwest - Purple Clouds

Kajmir Kwest Drops "Purple Clouds"

Purple Clouds represent gloom and rough days in these last and evil days.

This is a reminder that God still has opportunity and a blessing in your situation when the world seems cold.

From a scientific perspective Purple clouds also form in the sky when the air is cold and moist. The reflection causes the sky to appear purple when sunset or sunrise.

It’s an encouraging, catchy, hard hitting rhythmic banger for your playlist and Kajmir Kwest Has released one single a month since January.

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Audio Preview - Kajmir Kwest - "Purple Clouds":

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Kajmir Kwest pronounced (cashmere quest).  

A father of 12 kids, a blended family, (Pray for me :)) happily married for 10 years to my best friend, a big brother to one brother and one sister, a Director of Operations professionally, Men’s president of my church and Men’s president for the Pentecostal Assemblies of the world for the Arizona District and a Ordained Elder of my church in Phoenix, Grace Temple. 
Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles and now residing in Phoenix Arizona. 
I am also a published author of “I’m not a Mistake” a written version of my testimony available on Amazon now.  


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