Kalom Montgomery – “Off The Bench”(Freestyle)

Kalom Montgomery - "Off The Bench"(Freestyle)

Kalom Montgomery Is "Off The Bench" In This Dope Freestyle!"

Kalom Montgomery says, “When I was 19 years old God saved me and told me he wanted me to use Rap for “His Glory”. I’ve been at it for almost 12 years.

Throughout my journey there have been times when I have allowed fear to keep me from walking with the confidence I need to pursue the dream he’s placed on my heart.

I’ve allowed the doubts and the uncertainties of life to cause me to question my God given capabilities.

We’ve all experienced fear at some point in our lives. Fear is paralyzing. Fear forces you to forfeit your purpose. It keeps you from what God has called you to and who he has called you to be. I decided to fully move forward in what I know he’s called me to.

This is me finally stepping “off the bench” to pursue his personal promise’s.

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Kalom Montgomery – “Off The Bench”(Freestyle)