Keiana Parks and Jaron Johnson – “Time Ticking”

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Keiana Parks and Jaron Johnson - "Time Ticking"

Keiana Parks aka KP and Jaron Johnson aka J. Johnson – “Time’s Ticking” is a song that goes against the grain of the culture.

Many are muzzled due to the times we’re living in. However, we as believers (not just artists) refuse to walk on eggshells by attempting to avoid cancellation from a so-called “WOKE” society.

Life is like TikTok, a seemingly, never ending scroll, til one day, fantasy meets reality. The real focus of this song isn’t just time, the real focus of this song is eternity. Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.


KEIANA PARKS (KP) is a Christian musician and YouTuber who was born on June 26 in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Since childhood, music has always been a big part of Keiana’s life. Growing up, Keiana and her brothers would make up songs and raps while playing “instruments” they found around the house, using utensils and pencils to create a beat.

Although she was always drawn to music, she didn’t discover her full passion for it until she wrote a poem – but not just any poem, it was her testimony.

Since then, Keiana has ministered this poem over 100 times in different venues. Feeling God drive her toward music, she went on to write her first EP, “My Testimony.”

From there, her first music video, “Love for the Lost,” was featured on Rapzilla, and from then on different acting opportunities, collaborations, radio appearances, and more began to pour in.

Having started out under the name “Lady JTO” which stands for “Jesus Taking Over”, she made the decision to put music out under the name God called her to be from birth – Keiana Parks.

More than anything, Keiana’s faith in Christ is what drives her, and she uses music as a tool to help share Christ’s word.

Her original poem turned out to be a driving force behind her path in music, and is one she is still on by the grace of God.

JARON JOHNSON, formally known as J-Johnson, is an American rapper and lyricist in the Christian Rap industry.

He has partnered with and been featured on albums produced by music companies Rock Soul Entertainment (Urban Composition and Rock of Ages) and Cross Movement Records (Eternal Cypher).

Johnson was featured on award-winning Christian Rappers’ music including Da T.R.U.T. H’s Please on the Moment of Truth album; FLAME’s Mid to East Cypher on his debut album Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire; and K Drama’s Air Jordan on ‘Em Remix Series.

In 2008, Johnson – known then as J-Silas under Rock Soul Entertainment – released his first solo album, Soundproof, produced by Lee Jerkins.

After leaving Rock Soul in 2009, he became known as J. Johnson and tapped into the production side of his music. He executively produced a full album, titled, The Struggle and two mixtape series titled, No Excuses Vol. 1 & No Excuses: The Ghostwriter, also in 2009.

In 2013, he co-produced Timeless with Kevin Mayfield of the Kevin Mayfield Music Group. He also released two singles titled, Rain on Me ft. local singer Aaliyah Smith and Civil War with the Salvation Army Music Group.



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