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Kendall Williams Releases Music Video For “Blue Flame”

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By tBK247.com

Christian Indie hip hop Artist Kendall Williams Releases Music Video For “Blue Flame” featuring Parris Chariz and Mlpc.

With the success, he has had with his newest single, Christian indie hip-hop artist Kendall Williams decided to release a music video on January 1, 2020, for his single, “Blue Flame,” featuring Parris Chariz and Mlpc. Williams has focused on consistently dropping singles this year. His strategy has been paying off, as he has had some of his most-streamed songs this year, including “Blue Flame.” This will be his fifth single and third music video of the year, having released music videos for his records, “One Day,” and “Alone.”

The Bible speaks of the Holy Spirit like a fire inside Christians. The fire lights our paths and gives us a new, clearer vision of our purpose in life. Kendall Williams sees the Holy Spirit’s fire as blue since that is how extreme God can change lives and our passion should be for him. With Parris Chariz and Mlpc joining him for the music video, Williams has forged another anthem for Christians to remember they have the power of God behind
them. With this video, Williams hopes to remind Christians that they can survive anything that dares to snuff out their blue flame.

“When a fire shines the brightest, it is a Blue Flame. That’s how bright we are shinning on this new track,” Williams said. “Blue Flame is about living up to your full potential and showing the light God has given you. The only way to do that is to follow God and to accept Jesus into your life. Then you can be hot like a Blue Flame!”

Video – Kendall Williams Releases Music Video For “Blue Flame” featuring Parris Chariz and Mlpc:



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