Kenneth King  – “Coping Mechanisms” (feat. Heidi Faye)

Kenneth King  - “Coping Mechanisms” (feat. Heidi Faye)

Kenneth King Drops “Coping Mechanisms” (feat. Heidi Faye)

Kenneth King says, “the song has a heavy vibe with dark subject matter. But sometimes that’s exactly how scripture feels.”

Kenneth King, the Christian Rapper/Producer has released his first single of 2022. This time, accompanied by R&B artist Heidi Faye, the duo make an incredible vocal combination. The production ties everything together seamlessly.

The track is produced and written by Kenneth King with parts written by Heidi Faye. King once again sticks to his guns with drums that knock over mellow pads and deep sub centered bass-lines.

“I didn’t honestly have the title of the song until after I finished the verses. The subject matter came about after I wrote some honest things about myself first and then how I view the world. My faith in God is very much my coping mechanism with those things.”

The single, “Coping Mechanisms” focuses on King’s and Faye’s experiences in their faith struggles as well as the way they view society. Musically the two make a great artist pairing.

“Working with Heidi was amazing because her style is such a vibe. She pulls you in with her smooth voice but her lyrics are super powerful. There’s more to come working with her. We’ve got something else brewing for sure.”

The two artists plan to work together again in the very near future. An artist group name has not been a topic, the artists may remain solo. The audio chemistry however is undeniable.

“Our world is very separated. Cultures, beliefs, feelings, etc. All are important but we all share one quality in being human. In my eyes there is no ‘your truth’ or ‘my truth’, but the truth. As an absolute. That’s why I always go back to The Gospel.”

With plenty of bold lyrics, much of which are very unapologetic, King is rooted in the foundation of his beliefs. To King it is more than music but a purpose and mission.

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Audio Preview - Kenneth King  - “Coping Mechanisms” (feat. Heidi Faye):

More About Kenneth King:

Kenneth King is a Hip-Hop artist born and raised in Michigan. The rapper/producer uses a unique blend of mid-tempo drums with dreamy & moody synths for his beats. He also has a smooth cadence that is almost monotone. King does a great job of blending these sounds together while executing thought provoking lyrics.



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