Kenneth King – Solomons Interlude

Kenneth King - Solomons Interlude

Kenneth King Releases 'Solomon's Interlude'

Kenneth King says “I was reading two books written by King Solomon (Ecclesiastes & Proverbs) and was instantly inspired. There were so many things that King Solomon wrote that I connected with. So I turned it into music” – Kenneth King

Kenneth King, released yet another single, Solomon’s Interlude. The Christian rapper once again sticks to his biggest strengths musically. As most of his songs are, it was written and produced by Kenneth King himself. The song starts with a simple drum intro, and is brought immediately into deep lyrics with a lush pad in the background. Low frequency synths and heavy bass bring you deeper into the music as he tells his deep story using heavy theological references.

“My favorite part of writing this song were the actual biblical references all throughout the lyrics. The main message of the song is about vanity and how most of the things we do in our everyday lives are out of vain intent. As human beings we chase so many things to fill temporary gaps within ourselves. In our thoughts and emotions. These desires may feel good now, but eventually we are never truly filled. This song expands on that concept.”

We asked Kenneth about his upcoming album release as well as new singles, and he doesn’t have much to tell us this time. He did say that he is going to eventually release a small body of work, but wants it to all make sense as well as sound cohesive

“My album is going to be short but sweet. I don’t want to make “hits” or music that would be considered entertainment. My music has always been a form of artwork, but rooted in my beliefs. I feel like anyone in the industry can make some beats that hit and then come up with a verse that has catchy punchlines. Everyone is copying each other and it sucks. It takes time and talent to make something that has value and I know God watches us on those things.”

Kenneth has once again proved to be a belief-centered (or Christ-centered) individual focused on making music that has a lot of meaning and feeling. It’s hard to deny that his sound is unique and his flow is captivating. There are sure to be more great things coming from Kenneth in the near future.

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About Kenneth King:

Kenneth King is a Hip-Hop artist born and raised in Michigan. The rapper/producer uses a unique blend of mid-tempo drums with dreamy & moody synths for his beats. He also has a smooth cadence that is almost monotone. King does a great job of blending these sounds together while executing thought provoking lyrics.

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