K’nek Declares the True “GOAT” in Latest Hit Single Featuring Ocho Sneak

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K'nek Declares the True "GOAT" in Latest Hit Single Featuring Ocho Sneak

Hollywood, FL – November 15th, 2023 – In an exhilarating blend of faith and music, K’nek, the rising star in the Christian Hip-Hop scene, has dropped his latest single, “GOAT,” featuring the remarkable talents of Ocho Sneak.

This dynamic track is not just a song; it’s a statement, with K’nek proclaiming the Divine as the ultimate “Greatest of All-Time.”

“GOAT,” an acronym for “Greatest of All-Time,” resonates with K’nek’s spiritual roots and is infused with his signature motivation and positivity. “This song is all about letting everyone know who really is the GOAT in my life,” K’nek shared with fans during the announcement.

The single is a powerful testament to his faith, declaring God as the unrivaled champion in his journey and beyond.

The collaboration with Ocho Sneak marks a significant moment, as Sneak re-enters the music world with fresh energy after his hiatus post-Roc Nation.

His unique style adds an extra layer of depth to the track, which has already begun turning heads and tuning in ears on local radio stations.

Listeners can dive into the uplifting lyrics of “GOAT” across popular streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube.

K’nek’s passionate delivery and Ocho Sneak’s raw energy make this single an unforgettable addition to the year’s top Christian Hip-Hop releases.

K’nek, born Wesly Giordany, hails from Hollywood, Florida, and is known for weaving his life’s principles into his music. As an artist and a producer under the moniker

WesTheTech, his creations often reflect his core values of motivation, positivity, and spirituality. This latest release is a testament to his consistent message and his commitment to his faith and fans.

As “GOAT” makes its way through the airwaves, K’nek solidifies his place in the music industry not just as a performer, but as a beacon of inspiration. “At the end of the day, there’s only one GOAT in my book,” he reaffirms, inviting listeners to join in this powerful declaration.

To experience “GOAT” and get inspired by K’nek’s powerful message, tune into the track available now. Follow K’nek’s journey and stay updated on his latest releases by subscribing to his channels on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.


More About K’nek:

Growing up, K’nek, also known by his producer alias WesTheTech, was deeply enamored with the world of music. His passion wasn’t limited to hit singles; he immersed himself in the full spectrum of an artist’s work, absorbing entire discographies. This early zeal set the stage for his eventual epiphany — finding his true calling in music, deeply intertwined with his Christian beliefs.

Embracing this calling, K’nek committed himself wholeheartedly to music, both as a vocation and a ministry. He established WesTheTech Productions, a venture with a mission to uplift and propel independent artists toward their highest artistic expression. His dual identity as a music producer and recording artist knows no bounds.

In the studio, as WesTheTech, he crafts soundscapes that empower and inspire. On stage, as K’nek, he delivers messages of hope and faith through his music. His artistry is a reflection of his core values: motivation, positivity, and spirituality. These principles are not just the foundation of his sound — they guide every beat of his life’s work.



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