K’nek Declares Unwavering Dedication to His Divine Calling with the Release of “Never Lettin’ Go”

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K'nek Declares the True "GOAT" in Latest Hit Single Featuring Ocho Sneak

Broward County, FL, March 15, 2024 – In a world where critics abound and the noise of negativity can be deafening, K’nek stands firm in his resolve, wielding his music as a beacon of hope and steadfastness. With the release of his latest single, “Never Lettin’ Go,” featuring the talented Christian Hip-Hop artist and producer Crusif, K’nek makes a powerful statement against his naysayers, affirming his unwavering commitment to the purpose God has set for him.

A Testament of Perseverance and Faith

“Never Lettin’ Go” emerges not just as a song but as a clarion call to all who have faced criticism and doubt in the pursuit of their divine calling. K’nek, with his profound lyrical prowess, captures the essence of resilience, declaring, “Sometimes I feel like I should just let go of the dream… But today is not going to be that day.” This single serves as a response to the unnamed critics who have recently cast shadows over his musical journey, yet it transcends personal grievance to become a universal anthem of persistence and faith.

Collaborative Brilliance and Inspirational Harmony

The single shines brightly with the collaborative genius of Crusif, whose own lyrical contributions deepen the song’s message. Together, they craft a narrative of defiance against the critics, a narrative that resonates with anyone striving to live out their God-given purpose amidst adversity. “It’s time to finally put it to rest. We are here because we belong,” K’nek asserts, his words echoing the conviction of countless believers steadfast in their faith journey.

A Melodic Fusion of Motivation, Positivity, and Spirituality

“Never Lettin’ Go” is imbued with K’nek’s signature sound— a harmonious blend of motivation, positivity, and spirituality. Born Wesly Giordany and hailing from Hollywood, FL, K’nek’s life and music are testaments to the transformative power of faith. His works, consistently centered around uplifting themes, seek not only to entertain but to inspire and ignite a deeper sense of purpose in his listeners.

Embraced by Audiences and Critics Alike

Since its release, “Never Lettin’ Go” has garnered acclaim across various platforms, finding its place on multiple playlists and radio stations. The song’s universal appeal lies in its ability to speak directly to the heart of anyone who has ever faced doubt or criticism, encouraging them to hold fast to their convictions and to the path God has laid out for them.

Streaming Now on Major Platforms

“Never Lettin’ Go” is available for streaming on all major music services, including Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube, ensuring that its inspiring message reaches a wide audience. Listeners are invited to immerse themselves in the rhythmic beats and empowering lyrics, finding in them a source of strength and encouragement.


More About K’nek:

Growing up, K’nek, also known by his producer alias WesTheTech, was deeply enamored with the world of music. His passion wasn’t limited to hit singles; he immersed himself in the full spectrum of an artist’s work, absorbing entire discographies. This early zeal set the stage for his eventual epiphany — finding his true calling in music, deeply intertwined with his Christian beliefs.

Embracing this calling, K’nek committed himself wholeheartedly to music, both as a vocation and a ministry. He established WesTheTech Productions, a venture with a mission to uplift and propel independent artists toward their highest artistic expression. His dual identity as a music producer and recording artist knows no bounds.

In the studio, as WesTheTech, he crafts soundscapes that empower and inspire. On stage, as K’nek, he delivers messages of hope and faith through his music. His artistry is a reflection of his core values: motivation, positivity, and spirituality. These principles are not just the foundation of his sound — they guide every beat of his life’s work.



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