K'nek - Feeling Like David

K'nek - Feeling Like David

K’nek – “Feeling Like David”.

As a youth, K’nek, also known as WesTheTech, has always had a tremendous fascination with music. While others were listening to one single at a time, he was listening to entire discographies.

So it’s no surprise that after finally finding his purpose in music through his Christian faith. He has decided to dedicate his life to it. From building WesTheTech Productions, which is a music business dedicated to empowering independent recording artists to reach their full potential, to doubling as a recording artist himself, he has no boundaries.

Whether it’s producing as WesTheTech or performing as K’nek, he will always find a way to reach his audience. As K’nek his sound is always centered around motivation, positivity, and spirituality, which are codes that he lives by.




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K’nek – Feeling Like David