Kolt Kodesh drops first visuals in our Christian hip hop space titled, “Idol!”

Young New Jersey native Kolt Kodesh is a fresh face on the CHH scene, and as a Catholic (like his peers, Kody Free and Prodigyl), he’s approaching his artistry from a slightly different vantage point than most CHH artists.

The first Christian rap song he ever penned, “Idol” was written in 2018. Shortly after writing it and a few other tracks, Kolt took a break from making music. “I’ve come a long way from doubting if I should even be making music, to questioning how my art would be received, and even questioning who I was… but now, The Lord says ‘It’s time to launch!’”

With his in-your-face rhythm and intense vocals, Kolt’s debut single “Idol” convicts its listeners like a gut punch. Kolt insists we make The Lord’s work our utmost priority, and asks if we are ready for that soon-approaching day when He will return in glory. More than just dope raps, Kolt states “it’s a message for the people”.

Music Video – Kolt Kodesh “Idol”:

[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRUDGCvCd8U” height=”440″ autoplay=”yes” mute=”yes” title=”Kolt Kodesh “Idol””]

Kolt Kodesh “Idol” Is Available on All Major Outlets:


About Kolt Kodesh:

Kolt Kodesh is a 22 year old artist from Mount Laurel, NJ. That moniker is a combination of the colt/donkey that Jesus rode in on in Jerusalem in the Gospel of Luke (where Kolt’s trademark donkey logo) and the Hebrew word ‘Qodesh’ meaning ‘holy’.

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