Lexly Nirvana – Tu me dices ft Rmk

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Lexly Nirvana - Tu me dices ft Rmk

Lexly Nirvana – Tu me dices ft Rmk.

“Tu me dices” is an upbeat reggeaton song that talks about how problems in life can many times want to define who we are.

Lexly Nirvana says “If we let the problems we face tell us who we are, we are going to lose every time.”

“Only searching for God that is where we would find who we are and who he called us to be. The problems shouldn’t define who we are but they should bring us closer to our Creator.”


Lexly Nirvana is an upcoming Christian artist and writer particularly in the genres of Hip-hop, Rap and Reggeaton.

Mexican born and Texas raised, Lexly musical interest journey began when she joined a prison ministry at the age of 19. From that experience she was able to gain confidence to start creating her own music.

Her main goal is to reach people for God through the lyrics of her music.

Since then, Lexly has released various of singles and a EP called “For my King, because of her culture, she likes to incorporate Spanish and English in her music.

She firmly believes God has give her the ability to mix both worlds and make something beautiful.

Lexly enjoys to encourage young people to find their gifts/ passions and using them for the Lord until he tells them to stop.

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