Lil Adriel – It’s In His Hands – Album Alert

Lil Adriel - It’s In His Hands - Album Alert

Lil Adriel - It’s In His Hands - Album Alert

Lil Adriel – “It’s In His Hands” – Album Alert.

Lil Adriel, a 14 year old Christian artist, released his sophomore album, “It’s In His Hands”, after working on it for 8 months and going through many obstacles.

The album include songs like Invested, It’s In His Hands, Stealin’ Souls, Banger, etc.

Audio Preview:

David Adriel Holdbrook-Smith, professionally known as Lil Adriel, is a 14 year old Christian Artist.

He started rapping on the platform Soundtrap at 10 years old in 2020, then moved his music, such as Jesus Loves, and Dat Cross (EP), to streaming platforms in 2021.

He’s made hit songs such as TRICX, which was released on June of 2022, Hit or Miss (Remix) from his The End album, which was released on January of 2021, and Safe and Sound, from his Signs EP released on April of 2022, etc.

He has made a unofficial record label called 1+11 Studios. Why did he name it 1+11 Studios?

He explain the meaning behind the name in a tweet, quoting, “1+11=12 right? There are 12 disciples in the bible who followed Jesus. If you follow Jesus, you are his disciple. Clever, right?”

Despite the many obstacles he had to go through, Lil Adriel’s sophomore album, “It’s In His Hands” released on August of 2023.

Stream Lil Adriel on all major platforms, and follow him on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok at @TheLilAdriel.



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