Linga TheBoss – GOD DID IT

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Linga TheBoss - GOD DID IT

Linga TheBoss – “GOD DID IT”.

On this song, GOD DID IT, Linga TheBoss collaborated with Dominican rapper Ada Betsabe who combines a unique and melodic approach in Spanish and English in her firey bars.

“This song is an ode to where we came from, and a celebration of how it is we got here!”



Linga TheBoss, a talented rapper hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, has captured the hearts of fans with her dynamic and energetic music. Born in Zambia and raised in Sheffield, England, before moving to Casa Grande, AZ, Linga has experienced a wealth of diverse cultures and life-changing moments that have shaped her unique perspective as an artist.

It was during her middle school years that Linga first fell in love with rap music. She found a creative outlet through battle rap, eventually emerging as the undefeated champion among all her challengers. She knew then she had a gift and was determined to use it to spread positivity.

Linga’s musical style is a reflection of her christian values, and it is the product of her desire to write music that is wholesome and free of negative messaging. Though she doesn’t curse in her songs, her music is still full of energy, grit, and hype. She has worked hard to perfect her sound and has earned a devoted fan base that recognizes her talent and the depth of her commitment.

Recently, Linga has had the opportunities to collaborate with Christian HipHop artists like Child Like CiCi, Porsha Love, and Kidd Lee — creating unique new songs and showcasing her talent to a wider audience. She has also received recognition for her achievements, including her recent nominations for the ‘Trackstarz Next Up 2023 List’, the ‘Rapzilla Women of Christian Rap Spotlight’ and the ‘Proper XL Women To Watch List.’



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