ManuTheSaint - Cut Through

ManuTheSaint - Cut Through

ManuTheSaint – Cut Through.

This is my first release under the alias ManuTheSaint, previously I was known as Carnicity but I decided to solidify my identity as a Christian artist once and for all with this rebrand.

The song’s primary focus is on the identity conflict faced by us Christians, who are called to die to ourselves in order to live for Christ.

As such we’re to set our minds on the things above rather than the vanity that is this earth and worldly pleasures.

“Cut Through” takes a more personal perspective, acknowledging that those who believe in Jesus are seen as fools by the rest of the world, alongside the fact that our main battle is not against flesh and blood but on a spiritual plane, against principalities and demonic influence.

Audio Preview:

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ManuTheSaint – Cut Through