Marco Antonio - Praise

Marco Antonio - Praise

Marco Antonio – “Praise”.

“PRAISE” is the second ever song I have released”, says Marco Antonio.

Marco Antonio Went on to say, “the song “PRAISE” talks about my relationship with God and how God has helped me in the battle of life.”

“It is an energetic and fun song that will surely appeal to those who enjoy hip-hop music.”

“The lyrics are glorifying God and relate to how He is good and worthy of our praise.”

“The song is catchy and sure to get even those who don’t believe to move to the beat.”


More About Marco Antonio:

After living through my early teenage years hopelessly searching for a purpose, I found my purpose in Christ at only sixteen years old.

It would be soon after that, at eighteen years old, that I combined my love for music and newfound faith in Jesus into the music I create today.

All glory to God for giving me this passion and wherever this takes me is in His hands!



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