Marco Antonio’s ‘High’: A Divine Fusion of Worship and Rap

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Marco Antonio's 'High': A Divine Fusion of Worship and Rap, Elevating Spirits

Rising Christian rap artist Marco Antonio is set to captivate the hearts and souls of music enthusiasts with his latest single, “High,” released on April 5th, 2024.

Blending the rhythmic beats of hip-hop with the soul-stirring essence of worship, Marco Antonio offers an invigorating anthem that promises to lift spirits and encourage praise.

“High” is more than just a song; this single embodies the joy of giving glory to God, transcending the allure of worldly possessions.

Marco Antonio’s lyrical prowess and vibrant energy make “High” a must-listen for anyone seeking music with depth and dynamism.

Where to Listen:

Marco Antonio’s “High” will be available across a broad spectrum of platforms, ensuring no one misses out on this uplifting track.

Fans can tune in via Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and a host of other services including Instagram/Facebook, TikTok, YouTube Music, Amazon, and many more.

Connect with Marco Antonio:

Stay up-to-date with Marco Antonio’s musical journey and connect with him through his social media:

Audio Preview:

More About Marco Antonio:

Navigating the tumultuous waters of adolescence without a clear sense of direction, Marco Antonio experienced a transformative epiphany at the tender age of 16, discovering his calling in Christ.

This profound revelation not only offered him a newfound purpose but also harmoniously intertwined with his fervent passion for music.

Today, Marco’s creations reflect this seamless fusion—producing tunes that not only resonate with listeners on a deep level but also pay homage to his spiritual journey.

His music endeavors to entertain while simultaneously uplifting and glorifying God.

All glory to God for giving me this passion and wherever this takes me is in His hands!” Marco Antonio



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