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We Gon Make It by Marqus Anthony & Ira Dos: A Christian Summer Anthem You Can’t Miss!

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By tBK247.com

We Gon Make It: The Christian Summer Anthem You Can’t Miss!

Summer’s here, and what better way to embrace the season than with a fresh, uplifting anthem that speaks to your soul?

“We Gon Make It” by Marqus Anthony & Ira Dos featuring Sister Shante is more than just a song; it’s a powerful message wrapped in infectious beats and heavenly vocals. This Christian summertime slapper combines Detroit bass lines with rage-like synths, delivering an all-time banger that’s perfect for any playlist.

So, get ready to be inspired and uplifted because, no matter what life throws at us, WE GON MAKE IT!

Detroit Bass Lines and Euphoric Synths

Ira Dos brings the heat with those iconic Detroit bass lines that give “We Gon Make It” its driving energy.

Coupled with rage-like synths, the track creates a vibrant soundscape that’s impossible to resist. These elements come together to form a musical experience that’s both nostalgic and refreshingly new.

Uplifting Vocals by Sister Shante

Sister Shante’s beautiful and happy vocals are the heart of this track.

Her voice shines with joy and reverence, giving God all the glory, honor, and praise. Her contribution is more than just singing; it’s a soulful declaration of faith and perseverance that resonates deeply with listeners.

Clever Bars and Slick Flows

Marqus Anthony and Ira Dos are no strangers to delivering clever bars and slick flows.

In “We Gon Make It,” they each shred the beat with precision and style, adding layers of lyrical depth and dynamism to the song. Their verses are not only catchy but also packed with motivational messages that encourage and uplift.

A Message of Hope and Perseverance

The world can be a challenging place, but “We Gon Make It” serves as a beacon of hope.

The song’s central message is clear: no matter what the devil throws at us, we can overcome with faith and determination. It’s a reminder that, in Jesus’ name, we are more than conquerors.

Empowering Lyrics

The lyrics of “We Gon Make It” are both empowering and relatable. They speak directly to the struggles and triumphs of everyday life, making the song a personal anthem for anyone needing a boost of faith and positivity.

Community and Faith

“We Gon Make It” isn’t just a song; it’s a call to the community.

It encourages listeners to come together, support one another, and draw strength from their shared faith. This collective spirit is a powerful force, and the song captures it perfectly.

Why “We Gon Make It” Is a Must-Listen

Perfect for Summer Playlists

With its infectious beat and uplifting message, “We Gon Make It” is the perfect addition to your summer playlist.

Whether you’re at a barbecue, on a road trip, or simply enjoying a sunny day, this track will keep your spirits high and your faith strong.

A Song for All Seasons

While it’s a summer anthem, the message of “We Gon Make It” is timeless.

It’s a song that you can return to again and again, regardless of the season, to find encouragement and joy.

Versatile Appeal

The song’s blend of hip-hop, gospel, and contemporary Christian music gives it a versatile appeal.

It bridges genres and connects with a wide audience, making it a standout track in today’s musical landscape.

Final Thoughts

“We Gon Make It” by Marqus Anthony & Ira Dos featuring Sister Shante is more than just a song; it’s an anthem of hope, faith, and perseverance.

Its powerful lyrics, vibrant musicality, and uplifting vocals make it a standout track that’s perfect for summer and beyond. So, crank up the volume, feel the beat, and let this anthem remind you that, with faith, we can overcome anything.

Check It Out Now!

Don’t miss out on this incredible track. Listen to “We Gon Make It” today and let its powerful message inspire you.

Share it with friends, family, and anyone who could use a little encouragement. After all, we’re all in this together, and WE GON MAKE IT!

Audio Preview:

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Q: Who are Marqus Anthony and Ira Dos?

A: Marqus Anthony and Ira Dos are talented Christian hip-hop artists known for their impactful lyrics and dynamic musical style.

Q: What makes “We Gon Make It” special?

A: The song combines powerful Detroit bass lines, uplifting synths, and heartfelt vocals to create a unique and inspiring listening experience.

Q: Who is Sister Shante?

A: Sister Shante is a talented vocalist featured in “We Gon Make It,” known for her joyful and reverent singing style.

Q: Where can I listen to “We Gon Make It”?

A: “We Gon Make It” is available on major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and more. Be sure to check it out!

Q: What is the main message of the song?

A: The song’s central message is one of hope and perseverance, reminding listeners that, with faith in Jesus, we can overcome any challenge.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into “We Gon Make It” and let its vibrant beats and uplifting message carry you through the summer and beyond!

Short Bio:

Marqus Anthony is a Minister, Rapper, Writer and Actor from Detroit, Mi. He is also the founder and President of Blessed on Purpose LLC and the Chief of Sraff os The Edge Christian Light Club. His music garnered attention quickly, and debut singl, “Problems” appeared on The Edge Compilation CD. The hit singl “Take Off” was only his second release, yet it was featured on Holy Hip Vol. 20 diwstributed by Capitol Records. His highly anticipated debut album, “Walking by My Faith”, was released in Dec. 2016 and has since been heard by thousands in over 25 countries.

Marqus Anthony has also been blessed to be on The Edge Experience Nationwide Tour and has opened up for artists such as Da’T.R.U.T.H. and Derek Minor. He has been featured on many radios, television and online media outlets such as “Celebrate Live” on Total Christian Television, CHH Today, Trackstarz and many more.

Marqus Anthony testimony is powerful because he is a former scientist that did not believe in God. Miraculously, he opened his heart to Christ and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He renewed his mind and repented, forsaking a sim-filled life of drugs, sex, and alcohol to become a faithful servant at Rhema International Church under Bishop Eric Lloyd. He now lives to tell the world that atheists are yet being transformed by the power of The Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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