Mary Ozaraga – “Christmas” EP

Mary Ozaraga - Christmas

Mary Ozaraga Releases "Christmas" EP

Christmas is an EP composed of 3 songs, and currently working to add a bonus track.

The heart of the EP is to be a wake up call, a “Hey!”, to stir a longing in our hearts to seek and dig deeper this season, to go back to who we are celebrating and why.

With that in mind, the songs, I hope, takes us out of the trivialities we’ve built around this season, and back to the sacrifice that came with Jesus’ birth to His death to His resurrection.

May we always be ready to welcome Him with these in mind and heart.

As for how this started, back in 2018, I got to help one of my students write the 3rd song in the Christmas EP. I promised my students I would do something with a few of their songs. This would be that promise turned into reality.



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