Meek Heroes “HIYN(Holy Is Your Name)”

Meek Heroes "HIYN(Holy Is Your Name)"

Meek Heroes Drops "HIYN(Holy Is Your Name)":

Meek Heroes, HIYN (Holy Is Your Name) declares that God is holy, and we are not. Every one of us is in desperate need of His grace and mercy every second of every day. 

HIYN is a reminder that God is the King of kings, Lord of lords and that one day every knee will bow and tongue confess that Jesus is Lord. HIYN is not only a reminder but a worshipful proclamation that our God is not one to be messed with but His love for His children is immense.

Audio - Meek Heroes "HIYN(Holy Is Your Name)":

Short Bio:
United in one Spirit, mind, and mission, Meek Heroes is bridging the gap between Christian hip-hop, rock, and people. Meek Heroes merges the stylings of Detroit rapper Dexter Montaie, and nu-metal vocalist, Joe Bragg. It is their desire to bring glory to God in all they do, edify and equip the church, and reach the lost. Music is a tool, it connects people, and may open a door for a believer to share the good news of Jesus with others



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