Mic Wise – Roadkill ft. Cyrus Sonata

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Mic Wise “Roadkill” ft. Cyrus Sonata

Mic Wise “Roadkill” ft. Cyrus Sonata.

Christian hip hop artist Mic Wise teams up with one of the best up and coming artist/producers Cyrus Sonata on their new track “Road Kill!”

On this track, the two talks about answering the call of God to be who He has created us to be. In order to do that we must die to ourselves..making us, RoadKill! Produced by Cyrus, this gritty banger is sure to have you on the edge of your seat throughout the whole song!

Audio Preview:

Mic Wise:

Have you ever pondered the outcome of combining your favorite worship song’s lyrics with a captivating hip-hop beat? That’s precisely what you’ll find in Mic’s music! Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Mic is an emcee deeply rooted in the vibrant Christian Hip Hop (CHH) tradition. As an emerging talent in the CHH scene, he’s been forging his unique path and honing his skills.

Mic’s evident devotion to God and his affinity for hip-hop music result in a distinctive fusion of two genres. Before embracing Jesus in 2010, Mic’s focus was on material possessions and self-advancement, which was reflected in his lifestyle and music. After dedicating his life to God, Mic hesitated to continue pursuing his musical ambitions. “I only knew how to chase music selfishly, so I feared that persisting in it would distance me from God,” Mic confesses. Unknowingly, by suppressing his song ideas and ministry visions, he was being selfish with the newfound gift from God.

Mic recounts, “God spoke to me as clearly as day, saying I wasn’t on the wrong path; I was just heading in the wrong direction.” It was then that Mic realized God didn’t want him to abandon music, but rather to create music in His name.

To stay updated with Mic’s latest music and news, follow him on Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube: @IamMicwise.



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