Mitch Darrell – Too Cold (Freestyle) [Official Music Video]


Official Music Video for Mitch Darrell’s “Too Cold (Freestyle)” off of his “Rap Should Be Fun, Vol. 1” Mixtape!

“Rap Should Be Fun, Vol. 1” is a mixtape featuring 4 producers and 13 total artists. Each track was written and recorded with the goal of both having fun and teaching something. In all, this mixtape is a compilation of different types of production and different styles of artists coming together to create one fun piece of art that glorifies God.

Music Video – Mitch Darrell – Too Cold (Freestyle):

[su_youtube url=”” height=”440″ autoplay=”yes” mute=”yes” title=”Mitch Darrell – Too Cold (Freestyle) [Official Music Video]”]

Shot/Directed By: Brittany Wilkins Beat Produced By: Anabolic Beatz Song Engineered By: Connor Ahlstrom

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Connect with Mitch Darrell

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About Mitch Darrell:

Mitch Darrell is an up-and-coming CHH Artist out of Raleigh, North Carolina. He raps with a myriad of flows and conscious lyricism with the goal of informing his listeners and broadening their perspectives on race, God, and many other topics.

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