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Mr. I B-Lieve – Another Vibe

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By tBK247.com

Mr. I B-Lieve - Another Vibe

Mr. I B-Lieve – “Another Vibe”.

Through a conversation with God, about trials and error of my past had developed something different. It birth a testimony from a matrimony!

My wife and I had broke free from a clubbing, poisonous lifestyle before marriage to mend with the Love of Christ!

Isn’t JUST another song, isn’t JUST another hit, but through our Savior Jesus Christ , this is ANOTHER VIBE!

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Short Bio:

My Name is Terrence Baker also known as Pastor Terrence and Mr. I B-Lieve.

Born as a city child of Chicago into music and poetry because of my father who was a musician to the big city.

Was raised by both parents with no religious background but Jesus wasn’t a stranger in our household!

Later in life I got closer to God from my first baptism at 21 at Living Word Christian Center.

Served for the church for a year then move towards a new path away from the church in Chicago to southern Illinois where I have met my wife! Journeyed from ministry there to Texas on God’s timing!

Was called to be a pastor as well to worship as my rap is my worship unto God! As a vessel using the gifts God placed in me to save souls! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽



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