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New Double Album: DJ Kideazy – Crying Heart / The Golden Era

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By tBK247.com

DJ Kideazy - Drops New Double Album! Crying Heart & The Golden Era: Introducing Elijah Marc!

Crying Heart

Crying Heart is the fourth album from Detroit’s own DJ Kideazy. Producing 16 out of 19 tracks himself, Kideazy poured his soul into creating his most personal project.

The multi-talented artist showcases his versatility as he raps with a ton of different tones, cadences, styles, and deliveries. This is truly a well put together album with a cohesive feel and flow to it.

DJ Kideazy gives his life testimony from a kid growing up half in the church and half in the streets to demonstrating that God can change you if you’re willing to surrender and give Him your all.

Stand-out tracks include “Treat Me Right”, “Stay Holy”, “Half & Half (feat Ray Knowledge)” & “Stood Tall (feat Lance Hitch & Andre David”.

The album is full of features, as is usual for DJ Kideazy who’s projects often have a compilation type feel to them, including the following artists: Chris Elijah, Illuminate, Marqus Anthony, DreBeeze Da Godson, Plain James, Desciple, Unkle Gmo, Elohin, Choirboy Bell, Miraql3 & more.

Crying Heart is an emotional journey full of vibes, bangers, love artful imagery, cutting flows & wavy melodies all influenced by the Holy Spirit.

DJ Kideazy said this: 

“I came from the hood of Detroit doing things that could have easily got me either killed or locked up but yet God shined his light on me even when I didn’t know it. I wanted to help someone else that may be going through something I went through or anyone struggling with fear to just give God they’re all. I wanted them to hear my stories and testimony so it could let them know that it doesn’t matter what you’ve done, God is still there. He will always be there, but you gotta take that step and surrender to him.”

Audio Preview - DJ Kideazy - “Crying Heart‘:

New Double Album: DJ Kideazy - Crying Heart / The Golden Era

DJ Kideazy - The Golden Era: Introducing Elijah Marc

Introducing Elijah Marc by DJ Kideazy is a groovy old school funky pop album. Introducing us to his alter ego, Elijah Marc praises God like it’s the 70s/80s.

This album is meant to get people dancing and moving all while giving Jesus the glory. It’s easy to hear the passion in his voice as Elijah Marc expresses from the depths of his spirit the way he feels about our God.

“I Couldn’t Believe It” and “I Will” are two standout tracks that are sure to get plenty of spins at barbecues, skating rinks and more! “Let’s Dance (Wedding Reception Song)” will having the whole party two-stepping and “Funk (Instrumental) is a classic groove!

DJ Kideazy has created a terrific summer album so get outside, have some fun and praise God!

DJ Kideazy had this to say:

“This album was the little kid in me that always wanted to make a singing album when i was growing up singing in school, church and talent shows. The difference now is that I’m able to give God the glory because he changed my life and saved me, so it means even more to me. These memories singing when I was younger remind me of some of the best feelings of my life. Before I was DJ Kideazy the Gospel rapper, I was just a little kid singing named Elijah Marc Blaylock. That’s how I came up with the name The Golden Era ( Introducing Elijah Marc) .

Audio Preview - DJ Kideazy - The Golden Era: Introducing Elijah Marc:



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