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Olisa Janell Releases Uplifting Gospel Anthem “Hallelujah Song” – Watch the Official Music Video

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Olisa Janell Releases Uplifting Gospel Anthem "Hallelujah Song" - Watch the Official Music Video

Gospel artist Olisa Janell releases "Hallelujah Song," a soulful tribute to God's blessings. Watch the official music video and feel the spirit of praise and worship.

The latest release from national gospel recording artist Olisa Janell, “Hallelujah Song,” is more than just music—it’s a heartfelt tribute to God’s blessings and grace. The song’s powerful message and stirring melody are beautifully captured in the official music video, now available for viewing.


The video for “Hallelujah Song” opens with a captivating musical introduction that immediately sets a worshipful tone. The visuals and music combine to create an atmosphere of solemnity and upliftment, inviting viewers to join in a moment of spiritual reflection and praise.

Theme of Hallelujah

At the core of “Hallelujah Song” is a simple yet profound message: praise and worship. The word “Hallelujah” is repeated throughout the song, emphasizing its significance in expressing gratitude and reverence for God’s presence in our lives. This repetition isn’t just a lyrical choice—it’s a call to immerse oneself in continuous praise.


The song’s mood is both solemn and uplifting. The music and lyrics together foster a deep sense of reverence while simultaneously inspiring joy and hope. It’s a delicate balance that Olisa Janell masterfully achieves, making “Hallelujah Song” a compelling addition to any worship playlist.

Lyrics and Message

The lyrics of “Hallelujah Song” are a direct expression of Janell’s personal faith journey. Phrases like “Hallelujah is my song” and “Hallelujah all day long” underscore a life dedicated to continuous praise. The theme of overcoming challenges is also prominent, with lyrics such as “Overcomer is my song” reflecting triumph and gratitude.

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