OneJustChris Releases Anthemic Plea for Christ with “Angel’s Wings” Ahead of Album

OneJustChris Releases Anthemic Plea for Christ with “Angel’s Wings” Ahead of Album

Christian rap artist OneJustChris has dropped his latest anthemic banger “Angel’s Wings” which focuses on salvation and seeking to please the Lord.

The single is the first of others slated to release now until December 14th when his album REviVAL REviVED.​

“God has changed my life through faith. I Am not who I was!

I have found my purpose and I’m walking in the Spirit to be a beacon of hope for the entire world,” he exclaimed. “We are One and what we can’t do alone we can do together.”

With lyrics like: “He’s the life to my line / He’s what right with my rhyme / He’s my fight left in me when I’m weak and I’m crying.”

The song is inspired by Matthew 6:33 which reads, “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you.”

He pushes people toward the kingdom in the chorus of the track, “Open up your eyes and see again / open up your mind, it lies within.”

Listen to “Angel’s Wings” here. Lyric video here.

Please consider “Angel’s Wings” for coverage and/or your playlist. All other tracks here.

Last year, he made some buzz in the CHH scene when he dropped “Higher Levels” featuring Scootie Wop and Da Rich 1.

OneJustChris is good for those who like Kurtis Hoppie, Mogli the Iceburg, and emo trap/rap.

Lyric Video - OneJustChris “Angel’s Wings”:

OneJustChris Bio:


OneJustChris is an American Singer/Song Writer & Visionary stepping into his identity for the first time in life.

After nearly two decades of drug abuse and now two years sober, Christopher is emerging on the scene with a fresh sound, new style, and original flavor!

Eclectic in his inspiration, his tracks feature lyricism & creativity, while delivering a powerfully impactful message. Divinely inspired, this hard-hitting spiritual approach is catching on like wildfire!

OneJustChris is poised to change the WORLD with his music. Buckle up, it’s going to be a fun ride! #TogetherWeRise



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