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Pacaso Ramirez Announces First of Two New Albums For 2024

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Pacaso Ramirez Announces First of Two New Albums For 2024

Pacaso Ramirez Announces First of Two New Albums For 2024!

FiveTwenty Collective Press Releases:

Ruther Glen, VA – “The city of chaos is shattered; every house is closed to entry. In the streets they cry for wine. All joy grows dark; earth’s rejoicing goes into exile. Only desolation remains in the city; its gate has collapsed in ruins. For this is how it will be on earth among the nations: like a harvested olive tree, like a gleaning after a grape harvest.” [Isaiah 24:10-13]

As the world appears to be delving deeper into despair and depravity with each new day, we have a promise of the return of the conquering King. He who will restore order to His creation. That is why we must not let go of hope. Even in the darkest moments, we must cling to the Light. Surely the Bridegroom is coming for his bride… Before Chaos Descends.

“The aim was to offer a divine perspective on contemporary issues, blending personal insights with a spiritual lens.” – Pacaso Ramirez

With the 19th chapter in his captivating CHH journey, Pacaso Ramirez introduces the first of two albums for 2024. The 18-track album, Before Chaos Descends, hits digital streaming platforms on June 28, 2024.

Remaining true to his boom-bap roots, Ramirez intentionally worked on boldly expanding his sound as he carves a larger footprint in the Christian hip-hop genre. Before Chaos Descends isn’t just an album, it’s a profound musical experience that invites listeners to see the world through God’s eyes.

A dynamic lineup of producers (Adamental, World Wide Beats, Insane Beatz, Man@Arms, BarrCode Beats, and more) showcases Ramirez’s veteran prowess, including an impressive new collaboration with international producer Skowp Beats. Highlights from the album include the single “God Laughs,” where Pacaso’s clever bars intertwine with feature KevRock. “Strange Fire” is a collaboration with Adamental that delves into the theme of unforsaken offerings to God which is set to an irresistibly bouncy track. Additional featured artists include Zach Menshouse, Mr. Marshall, Omega Sparx, Cloak the Scribe, Darius Mullin, Hugh Holla, JosefWitDaCoatOn, TC, Class_Sick, and SomeoneCalledSomeone & Sagashi.

Before Chaos Descends is a gift for music lovers who regularly miss the experience of getting to live with a complete album instead of a string of single releases.

The album is a testament to Ramirez’s commitment to the artists who came before him as they provided the blueprint for how an artists can truly connect with their listeners. This is not a one-and-done. It is a project crafted to revisit and discover new elements with each subsequent listen.

Ramirez remains focused on his calling throughout life’s ups and downs. He is inspiring a new generation of artists to follow the plan God has placed in their lives until He tells us that the race is finished.

Discover your favorite records from Before Chaos Descends and add them to your playlist on your favorite music streaming platform!

Support Pacaso Ramirez: Website | Amazon Music | Apple Music | Audiomack | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Spotify | X | YouTube | YouTube Music

Audio Preview -

Project Details

  • Title: Before Chaos Descends

  • Artist: Pacaso Ramirez

  • Release Date: June 28, 2024

  • Production: Adamental, World Wide Beats, Insane Beatz, Anno Domini Nation, Man@Arms, Skowp Beats, Barrcode Beats, Kiyoto Beats

  • Engineering: World Wide Beats, SomeoneCalledSomeone & Sagashi

  • Features: KevRock, Zach Menshouse, Adamental, Mr. Marshall, Omega Sparx, Cloak the Scribe, Darius Mullin, Hugh Holla, JosefWitDaCoatOn, TC, Class_Sick, SomeoneCalledSomeone & Sagashi


  1. Before Chaos Descends

  2. Autopilot

  3. God Laughs

  4. Can’t Blame Us

  5. Armored Up

  6. Cloaks and Daggers

  7. Meet the Sky

  8. State of the Flock

  9. Stereotype

  10. Come Alive

  11. Barely Survive

  12. Barrcode Cypher

  13. Law of Averages

  14. Strange Fire

  15. Sway

  16. What’s Your Motive

  17. Say Something

  18. Won’t He Do It

About Pacaso Ramirez

With a catalog that is 19 albums deep, Pacaso Ramirez is a weathered emcee with nothing to lose.

Pacaso’s early passion for writing and rapping laid the foundation for his long journey in music.

At 41 years of age, Pacaso continues to carry the same passion for his music that he did when he started 30-plus years ago.

The signature growl in his vocals and his unwavering passion continue to nourish the foundation of longevity, fueling a fire to bring creative compelling lyrics over hard-hitting Boom Bap production with a Christ-like and Biblical Perspective.

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