Prafit Josiah’s – “Falling…”

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Prafit Josiah's - "Falling..."

Prafit Josiah’s “Falling…” provides a refreshing dose of vulnerability.

Prafit Josiah’s latest release, “Falling…”, showcases an unforgettable hook that utilizes a sample of a female vocalist with a truly angelic tone.

The track also boasts Prafit’s signature flow and lyrical prowess, which he has been honing for three decades. The smooth, jazzy keys and bass line of the song transport listeners back to the early albums of “A Tribe Called Quest.”

Amidst a landscape of self-aggrandizing anthems, Prafit Josiah’s “Falling…” provides a refreshing dose of vulnerability, reminding listeners of the importance of honest expression. The track serves as the second single of his upcoming ‘GOD Made Me Do It’ (Deluxe Album), slated for release in April following the single drop.

When asked about the inspiration behind “Falling…”, Prafit Josiah had this to say: “I wanted to create something that truly expressed how I was feeling at the time, both lyrically and musically. I was blessed to have my guy Tuu B. come through with the ill drum pattern and bass line that really breathed life into the rest of the track.”


Similar to the rappers Common and Jay-Z, Prafit Josiah is not trying to reach a younger audience. He is definitely confident and comfortable in his own musical skin. In case you didn’t know, Prafit Josiah is not only a rapper, but an entrepreneur and a family man.

Born and raised in Rochester, NY; Prafit Josiah began his musical career as part of the group called Prafitz (Prophets) which formed in 1993. Prafitz released 2 albums and a myriad of singles before disbanding in 2002.

Josiah has been around for while, he’s been recording music off and on for over 20 years now. In 2016, tragedy struck Prafit Josiah’s family; his cousin was murdered. This event sparked the beginning of Prafit Josiah picking the mic back up once again and seeking to have Godly impact on the people around him and potential listeners of his music.




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