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Preaching Through the Mic: CJ the Psalmist on the Power of Jesus in Music

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By tBK247.com

March 16, 2024
Preaching Through the Mic: CJ the Psalmist on the Power of Jesus in Music! @cjthepsalmist

theBookkeeper247 Podcast Episode 34, part 3 with Guest CJ The Psalmist #christianrap #tbk247

Show Notes

Welcome to episode 34, part 3 of theBookkeeper247 Podcast, where we have a special guest, CJ The Psalmist.

In an era where music transcends mere entertainment to become a powerful medium for conveying messages, CJ the Psalmist stands out as a beacon of transformative gospel music. With his innovative blend of contemporary style and profound spiritual messages, CJ introduces us to the concept of “Swag Gospel,” a genre that challenges the traditional boundaries of gospel music and invites a younger, broader audience to connect with the Word of God in a relatable way.

The Divine Call to Swag Gospel

CJ’s journey from secular rap to Swag Gospel wasn’t a path he chose but one that was divinely inspired. The moment of realization came when, after his conversion to Christianity, he felt a clear directive from God to infuse his music with the swag that resonates with today’s youth, without compromising the core message of the gospel. This revelation was both a challenge and a mission, pushing CJ to navigate the fine line between staying relevant in the music industry and remaining faithful to his spiritual convictions.

The Authenticity of Lyrics and the Power of the Gospel

At the heart of Swag Gospel is the authenticity of its lyrics. CJ emphasizes the importance of creating music that one would not hesitate to perform in the divine presence of God. This standard of authenticity serves as a litmus test for the content, ensuring that it not only entertains but also edifies the listener and glorifies God. The true essence of gospel music, according to CJ, lies in its ability to convey God’s Word, making it imperative for gospel artists to embed scripture and divine truths in their lyrics.

Personal Transformation and Gospel Integrity

CJ’s personal transformation from a religious background to a profound, personal relationship with God is evident in his music. He shares his journey of shedding legalistic views of God to embrace a relationship built on understanding, love, and grace. This personal evolution reflects in his approach to music, where the focus is on the transformative power of the gospel rather than mere religious formalities.

Navigating Challenges and Embracing Inclusivity

One of the significant challenges CJ addresses is the dilemma young Christian artists face in balancing the appeal of modern culture with the integrity of their faith. Swag Gospel, in CJ’s vision, bridges this gap by being both cool and Christ-like, making the gospel accessible and appealing to the youth. Furthermore, CJ’s music is inclusive, extending a hand to all, including marginalized communities, ensuring that the gospel’s message of love and redemption reaches every corner of society.

The Evolution and Impact of Christian Hip Hop

CJ acknowledges the dynamic evolution of Christian hip hop, noting its improving quality and expanding reach. This genre’s growth signifies its divine endorsement and its critical role in spreading the gospel. Through his definitive stance on gospel music, CJ contributes to shaping the identity of Christian hip hop, emphasizing that the core of this genre must always be the gospel message, irrespective of the artistic expressions used to convey it.

Artistic Freedom and Platform Responsibility

In addressing critiques about the explicit mention of Jesus in songs, CJ champions artistic freedom, asserting that the essence of gospel music is to glorify God, whether through direct mentions of Jesus or through themes that reflect His teachings. He also touches on the responsibility of platforms in promoting diverse expressions of Christian music, advocating for a space where artists can share their unique interpretations of the gospel without facing undue judgment.

CJ the Psalmist’s foray into Swag Gospel is not just an artistic endeavor but a mission to make the gospel resonate with a wider audience. Through his music, he challenges conventional norms, champions inclusivity, and reaffirms the gospel’s transformative power. As we delve into the world of Swag Gospel, we find a refreshing and revolutionary way to connect with the divine, proving that the gospel can indeed be preached through the mic, with a swag that speaks to the hearts of the young and old alike.

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Great Quotes From the Show:

  1. “Would you say this in front of God if he was standing in the room and you could see him?”
  2. “Does this make the devil mad? That’s why, you know, it’s like, simple.”
  3. “You can’t do swag gospel if there is no gospel.”
  4. “I used to do secular rap, street rap. I said, but Lord, I’m not doing music no more.”
  5. “God told me, ‘I want you to do swag gospel.'”
  6. “Who do you think created Swag? I’m not just this one-dimensional, boring God. I created music.”
  7. “We’re not called to everybody. The secular world system has created this one-size-fits-all, but God has parts of the body for different reasons.”
  8. “If you’re repping of your god-given talent to the best of your ability, who am I to hold you from getting on our platform?”
  9. “The minute that we take Jesus out of it, then who is it about? It can only be about flesh or the devil.”
  10. “My music may just be for the LGBT individual that’s struggling to find God in the midst of all the chaos, self-hatred, confusion, and fight with flesh and lust.”

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Let’s celebrate the power of faith in music together. This is Preaching Through the Mic: CJ the Psalmist on the Power of Jesus in Music theBookkeeper247 Podcast Episode 34 – Part 3.

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