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Kenneth King  – Ways

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Kenneth King  - Ways

Kenneth King  – “Ways”.

Rapper Kenneth King Releases Bold New Song, “Ways”

Rising Christian rapper Kenneth King is excited to announce the release of his latest single, “Ways.” This powerful and challenging song is bound to captivate audiences with its dark moody melodies, in-depth lyrics, and heavy drums. All while spreading a message of perseverance and faith.

With striking lyrics early on saying “I don’t manifest, this is God-blessed”, Ken King sets the tone for the entirety of the song. All throughout the lyrics are powerful testaments to his faith and beliefs.

Known for his unique ability to blend catchy rhythms, relatable storytelling, and profound spiritual themes, King has consistently delivered music that connects deeply with listeners.

The production, as usual, stays true to deep synths and hard hitting drums. Produced entirely by Ken King, he stays in his own lane well as he creates his own musical blueprint for his lyrics.

The song delves into King’s belief in staying on the path of what is true. Reminding us that there is always a way forward through God’s guidance and power.

Audio Preview:

More About Kenneth King:

Kenneth King is a Hip-Hop artist born and raised in Michigan. The rapper/producer uses a unique blend of mid-tempo drums with dreamy & moody synths for his beats. He also has a smooth cadence that is almost monotone. King does a great job of blending these sounds together while executing thought provoking lyrics.



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