Razzie - OD from the G

Razzie - OD from the G

Razzie – “OD from the G”.

Razzie, is a Christian rapper and hip hop artist who was born in Fort Pierce, Florida.

Based in Miami, Razzie is gaining national popularity because of his original lyrics and modern hip hop sound.

His music is diverse with sounds from multiple genres such as hip hop, pop, rap, reggae, and trap production elements.

This is Razzie’s sixth single release in 2022 and is featured in the Christian Hip Hop and Rhythmic music categories. He created the lyrics summer of 2022.

The music video for OD from the G drops today and compliments the story behind the song.

Razzie has received major attention over the years as a rapper and songwriter.

As a writer he drives home the importance of God in his life and how his faith pushes him everyday. He wants to change the landscape of how young people are consuming hip hop music today.

He believes in the word of God and expresses that in his lyrics to his global audience. #ODfromtheG

“OD from the G is way bigger than a song. It’s the name of my Merch brand too! The cover art for the song is actually the Logo for the merch. I try to plug in the tag line in my music all the time too.

In my recent single Eden I say in the hook “Everything I got is from the G and it’s overdose” which is me plugging the brand. But on a deeper level it’s me plugging in how God is my provider as well. The whole purpose of everything is to make God all in all.” – Razzie

Listen, download, and stream Razzie’s new song OD from the G on Apple Music; Amazon; Spotify, and all major platforms!

Audio Preview:

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Razzie – OD from the G