Shammah – “Miss Sue” Music Video

Shammah - "Miss Sue" Music Video

Shammah – “Miss Sue” Music Video

This music video “Miss Sue” by Shamah addresses suicide; “I began writing the first verse of this song from the standpoint of when I was a young boy (before accepting Jesus), and fell in “love” with a girl in my school.”

“I never would’ve imagined that later on, she would have killed herself because a guy broke her heart.”

“Before she was found hanging in her home, she was previously noted for having a tattoo of a rose on her leg.  She didn’t know that she herself was a rose. Most importantly,  she didn’t know how precious she was to the Lord Jesus.”

The infamous “Miss Sue” introduced in the chorus is actually symbolic (a metaphor of “suicide”). This song and video is to let this generation know how loved and precious they are to the Lord Jesus, and that through His name there is HOPE, SALVATION, and DELIVERANCE from suicide.

Shammah - "Miss Sue" Music Video:



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