Shammah - Miss Sue

Shammah - 'Miss Sue'

Shammah says, “I began writing this song from the standpoint of when I was an unsaved (non – christian) young man and fell in “love” with a young girl in my Junior High School.”

“I remember buying her a milk shake at lunch time and putting it in front of her on the lunch table because I had a crush on her. Unknown to myself at the time, we would later end up going to the same High School.”

“I never would’ve imagined that later on, she would be found hanging from the ceiling in her home. It was said that she killed herself because a guy broke her heart.”

“She was previously noted for having a tattoo of a rose on her leg; she didn’t know that she herself was a rose. She did not know how precious she was to the Lord Jesus.”

“The infamous “Miss Sue” introduced in the hook isn’t actually a lady; she represents the spirit of suicide. During the hook(chorus), I play the role of someone who is struggling with this spirit. “

“Although, I myself never did have a “long-standing” struggle with suicide, I do believe that the Lord allowed me to experience that struggle, just enough to identify and minister to those who are held prisoner by it.”

“This song is to let this generation know how loved and precious they are to the Lord Jesus and that through His name alone there is hope , salvation, and deliverance from all form of sin, including suicide.”

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Shammah – Miss Sue