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Solachi Voz – First Plane

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Solachi Voz, "First Plane" is an autobiographical journey documenting her journey with faith with the Lord.

“At various ages and stages of my life, He’s required me to have different levels of faith in Him, all of which have determined my flight path in life” Solachi Voz shares.

“The most recent leap of faith He asked of me was moving to California with nothing more than $350 and two bags. I didn’t even know anyone here yet, just a place to stay, with people I also had never met.

“First Plane”  was the first song I wrote when I arrived in Cali. Now, I’m preparing to shoot the video to this song one day before I board my first plane home to see my family since the pandemic started.

The irony isn’t lost on me. I thank God for everything.”

Audio Preview - Solachi Voz "First Plane":

More About Solachi Vos:

An aspiring and well-rounded musician, Solachi Voz smashes anyone’s expectations of Christian female MC’s. Originally from Elkhart, Indiana, she began her career as a hip-hop artist when she was 13 at her home church. After releasing several non-commercial projects,

Solachi released her debut mixtape “Poison Control:The Tracer” in March 2012.

Since the release of Solachi Voz’s debut music video to her sociologically and spiritually relative track “Soul Food,” Solachi’s work has received over 700,000+ views while still remaining true to her faith.



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