Solachi Voz Prepares New Galactic -Themed EP

Solachi Voz Prepares New Galactic-Themed EP

The West Coast CHH Artist Solachi Voz and Entrepreneur Is Set to Release 'QUASAR'!

As an artist who contributes to CHH behind and in front of the scenes, Solachi Voz has delivered over the years.

With strong singles alongside notable collaborations with some of Christian music’s biggest stars, QUASAR serves as Solachi’s first full-length project in over 15 years. The project is the culmination of seven years, marking the first album since her move to California in 2016.

The ten-track EP features production from many sub-genres of hip hop, an ode to what Solachi calls a “mirror of how stars are made.”

“There are many elements God uses to make a star.” – Solachi Voz

Not one to try and be the star of the show, Voz wants to make it clear that she believes Jesus is the source of the Light people see in believers.

“We are called to stand out, to shine,” she says. “I don’t have a title track because the title track is already in the Word.”

“Let your light shine before all men, so that your good works can glorify your Father in heaven.” [Matthew 5:16]

Production credits on the album include George.Rose, DEMO, CAK Beats, Lucas Quinn, and West Coast newcomer Aaron Kayy.

The project features Alabama songstress Relenna Rochelle, Bay Area rappers JM3 and Miles Minnick, and Carolina emcee Mitch Darrell.

Check out QUASAR on all platforms when it drops on December 10, 2023.

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An aspiring and well-rounded musician, Solachi Voz smashes anyone’s expectations of Christian female MC’s. Originally from Elkhart, Indiana, she began her career as a hip-hop artist when she was 13 at her home church.

After releasing several non-commercial projects, Solachi released her debut mixtape “Poison Control:The Tracer” in March 2012.

Since the release of Solachi Voz’s debut music video to her sociologically and spiritually relative track “Soul Food,” Solachi’s work has received over 700,000+ views while still remaining true to her faith.

In 2014, Solachi went on her first national tour with the Extreme Tour, traveling for three months across 14 US states.

In 2016, she relocated to Oakland, CA and began to reconstruct her ministry vision.

Since that time, she has toured and collaborated with some of the most notable acts in CHH, while also providing professional writing services to artists signed to major labels within and outside of the genre.

Solachi Voz will be rounding out 2022 with headlining appearances on the Invasion Fest/Tour and the postponed GHR 2020 Fest in Los Angeles, as well as dropping two hit singles, “Bounce” and “See.”

Voz will also be launching her new culture-shifting clothing line KNDY, which is due out late fall 2022.

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