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Homestead, FL – Electric bass lines, hip hop, and confronting the contradictions of our flesh and spirit make for amazing, spoken word based, records. With the lead single from the upcoming album Crucible Chronicles, spoken word poet Spoken Worth and hip hop artist J. Crum are set to inspire listeners of a wide variety.

On “Wrestle”, Spoken Worth blends vivid imagery throughout stanzas delivered with conviction. J. Crum lends his patented lyricism over production from Longstory (Bryan Conway). For those who believe that hip hop is not poetry in its purest form, get ready to be proven wrong.

Releasing on May 21, 2021 (one week before Crucible Chronicles), “Wrestle” is a fierce, hard-hitting track that clashes both spoken word poetry with lyrical hip hop. As Spoken Worth explains, “The track was created to challenge, comfort, and ultimately inspire the listener to wrestle with their past wounds and scars of life.”

The vulnerability from both artists creates a path of connection and relatability for each listener. This is a song that people can listen to on repeat and really wrestle with in thought. It provides a refreshingly unique perspective to spoken word poetry and gives the people a new sound and approach entirely.

“Wrestle” is releasing with an official visual alongside the single. The video will be available on YouTube as well as Instagram and Facebook. The visual aims to captivate the viewer, showing them they are not alone no matter what they are wrestling with. Subscribe to his channel:

Audio Preview – Spoken Worth – “Wrestle”:

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Song Details
Title: Wrestle
Artist: Spoken Worth
Release Date: May 21, 2021
Feature: J. Crum
Production: Longstory (Bryan Conway)
Engineering: Dillon Chase

About Spoken Worth:

Spoken Worth

Beginning his career in Terre Haute, IN – Spoken Worth fell in love with sharing poetry in a passionate way that he found out was called “spoken word”. Over five years, Spoken Worth has released two full length albums, a collaborative christian hip-hop E.P. with OnBeat Music, headlined his own tour, and performed for thousands of people.

Ultimately, Spoken Worth has been blessed to share the gospel through poetry in over 20 states and 50 different cities. Spoken Worth has performed and opened for award winning comedians such as LaVell Crawford as well for the well known spoken word poetry group Hotel Books. Spoken Worth has also performed at some of the largest Christian youth conferences in the country such as Winterfest in Gatlinburg, TN and Arlington, TX.

He has done coffeehouse shows with Levi the Poet, and is known for putting on an intimate, personable, and captivating show. On February 17, 2017 Spoken Worth released his first debut spoken word poetry album Winter to Spring. On April 27th, 2018 Spoken Worth released his second studio album Pariah. It is a 10-track album, and features Christian hip-hop artist Dillon Chase. Less than two years later, on January 17 2020, he released a two-track spoken word E.P. titled Spoken Truth. It was a collaborative project with Christian hip-hop producing legend OnBeat Music.

Releasing a handful of singles throughout 2020, Spoken Worth is now ready to release his breakthrough spoken word poetry album Crucible Chronicles.

Spoken Worth believes in speaking life, love, and Jesus into the lives of others. He believes in creating connection, and relationship through music and story-telling. He believes that we as people are all human and flawed, broken and wounded. His spoken word poetry aims to tell the story of his wounds to help others find healing in theirs as well.

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Spoken Worth – “Wrestle”