Stephen King’s “Counterfeit”: A Riveting Reminder to Discern Truth in Our Faith

Stephen King - Counterfeit

Stephen King's "Counterfeit": A Riveting Reminder to Discern Truth in Our Faith!

In a world brimming with deceptions and falsehoods, Stephen King, accompanied by Sicka Sin & FaVor, presents his latest single “Counterfeit,” a profound musical exploration into the perils of spiritual counterfeit. Released at the end of 2023, the song is now available on all major digital and streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, and Tidal.

“Counterfeit” delves into the critical need for believers to exercise discernment, urging them to test all things against the unwavering truth of God’s Word. The song confronts the reality that in our spiritual journey, we often encounter imitations that can lead us astray. King, alongside Sicka Sin & FaVor, passionately articulates how these counterfeits – be it in people, beliefs, or spirits – can cause confusion, destruction, and even spiritual death.

Stephen King’s message is clear: in a world where the enemy masquerades as an angel of light, the only safeguard is a deep, abiding knowledge of Scripture. He poignantly expresses how Jesus Himself exposed these counterfeits, likening them to valueless fake currency in a world yearning for authenticity.

Drawing from personal faith and scriptural insights, King’s “Counterfeit” is more than just a song – it’s a wake-up call to believers everywhere. It challenges listeners to remain vigilant, discerning the real from the false, and to stay steadfast in their walk with God.

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Discover more of Stephen King’s transformative music, including his albums “No Secrets,” “Prince of Peace,” and the singles “Adore” and “OverFlow,” available on all streaming platforms.

Stephen King is an acclaimed hip-hop recording artist, lyricist, songwriter and minister who currently lives in Louisiana. He is a captivating American Christian/Gospel rap artist, and an ambassador of Christ Jesus. The objective of his music is to serve, promote, and edify the peace of God in truth, building people up in the Spirit to encourage them to have faith.

His music is zealous, a unique blend of Midwest Michigan flow and a down south New Orleans smooth vibe. His musical passion edifies the love of God in song, rhymes, righteous beats, Hip Hop/R&B style for the soul. His magnetic character brings an influential stage presence which fits well with his original and uplifting melody with a righteous flow from above.

King’s music has garnered a NOLA Gospel Awards win for Album/CD of the Year for the NOLA Gospel Awards for his first two albums “No Secrets” and “Prince of Peace” as well as several nominations for the Rhythm of Gospel Music Awards, IRAA Awards, and Golden Triangle Music Awards.

His tracks Beyond the Grave, Obey, Refresh and Adore have appeared on Rapzilla as a featured Artist, TrackStrarz, Radio as the Top 50 Songs/Artist, Power504 Radio, Journal of Gospel Music, #LOV3RZ Magazine, Garvey Urban Magazine as the Top 5 Rising Artist, and Stephen King was a highlighted artist for events such as the House of Blues Gospel Brunch in New Orleans, Praise Fest on the Bayou, Campus Culture Shift Tour, Dee-1’s Slingshot David Tour, Dillion Chase’s Joyful Loser Tour, 225 Fest, Presence Fest, and RAW New Orleans at Republic NOLA.

His music highlights the fact that the world needs peace and people say his music expresses truth, clear, clean, virtuous lyrics, that lead to the arrangement of peace which comes from the Most High and enlightening hip-hop fans that there is a rareness to Christian Hip Hop that the world doesn’t see often. You can find Stephen King’s music across digital music platforms, including Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Tidal & Google Play.



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