the Mitch Darrell Show Ep. 29 with Guest Justin Martyr

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Join Christian Rap Artist  @JustinMartyr305  and host  @MitchDarrell  as they discuss the biggest topics in Christian Rap and Hip Hop on episode 29 of the “Mitch Darrell” show.

Learn about Justin’s journey into the industry, his thoughts on the current state of Christian Hip Hop, and why he chooses to mention Christ in his music.

Discover the personal path that led Justin to Christianity and the moment that brought him back to salvation.

This episode is filled with thought-provoking perspectives and inspiration and it’s perfect for both the saved and the unsaved.

Tune in now and don’t miss out! Powered by tbk247.com Stay tuned because it’s another great interview with your favorite artist and your favorite host, @MitchDarrell

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