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Powered by, Welcome back to episode 11 of the “Mitch Darrell Show”, with guest @Datin_TripleD

This interview is packed with laughs, information, and Datin discusses with Mitch Darrell what inspired him to drop “Chh Ain’t Dead” plus advice to Andy Mineo on leaving Reach Records. It’s a great interview so tune in to find out more about your favorite artist with your favorite host.

Stay tuned and find out how God Over Money Artist Datin and Mitch Darrell find common grounds in a misunderstanding. Also, Datin shares the worst and favorite parts of making a project, surrendering the gift that God gave you to use it for Him, Menace Movement, what role he played for Bizzle, and God Over Money, before even signing to the label.

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Thank you, @Datin_TripleD for taking the time out of your schedule! The interview was greatly needed. 

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