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the Mitch Darrell Show with Guest Solachi Voz (Season 3)(Episode 2)

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Powered by tbk247.com, Welcome back to Season 3 of the 2nd episode of the “Mitch Darrell” show, with guest, Solachi Voz.

In episode of season 3, Mitch Darrell sits down with upcoming hip hop artist, Solachi Voz!

In the 2nd episode of season 3, Mitch Darrell sits down with Solachi Voz and they discuss how she found Christ, hip hop, Christian Rap, Christian Hip Hop, and the differences between Christian Hip Hop from Cross Movement to now.

Also, Solachi Voz shares how she moved from Indiana to LA with nothing but 350$ in her pockets and what’s it like, being black, a women, and Christian, in hip hop.

Last but not least B Plus breaks down J. Monty’s “FREE ME” Album.

Stay tuned because it’s another great interview with your favorite artist and your favorite host, Mitch Darrell.

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Thank you, @Solachi Voz for taking the time out of your schedule!

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3. B Plus – CHH’s EP of 2021??? | J. Monty’s “FREE ME” | Album Review | #RECAPcountdon | 2021:

Video Interview - the Mitch Darrell Show with Guest Solachi Voz (Season 3)(Episode 2):

Short Bio: “Mitch Darrell”:

Mitch Darrell is a young and upcoming rapper and singer from Indian Trail North Carolina. He spits rap with a dope flow and conscious lyrics in an attempt to educate and inform.

He is currently a student at NC State University in Raleigh North Carolina and is the youngest member of the group “Top 3′. His debut project “Black Skin Colorless Soul’ released in January 2017

More About Solachi Vos:

An aspiring and well-rounded musician, Solachi Voz smashes anyone’s expectations of Christian female MC’s. Originally from Elkhart, Indiana, she began her career as a hip-hop artist when she was 13 at her home church. After releasing several non-commercial projects,

Solachi released her debut mixtape “Poison Control:The Tracer” in March 2012.

Since the release of Solachi Voz’s debut music video to her sociologically and spiritually relative track “Soul Food,” Solachi’s work has received over 700,000+ views while still remaining true to her faith.



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