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theBookkeeper247 Podcast EP 18: with Special Guest Pastor C. Richardson:

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theBookkeeper247 Podcast EP 18: Cursing In Christian Hip Hop/Blueprint/Pastor Perspectives/Artist Spotlight/Hugh Holla

Powered by tbk247.com, theBookkeeper247 launched their very own podcast focusing on upcoming Christian artists.

On this podcast, we Interview Artists we feel should be on everyone’s radar and discuss, not just music, but other topics throughout our culture.

theBookkeeper247 Podcast wanted to create a show to highlight the artist, as well as, find out more about the individuals and their music.

Episode 18 Details:

In the 18th episode, Daryl Chops it up with our family friend, his brother, Pastor Eddie C Richardson.

They discuss the many titles of being a pastor, bridging the gap between the church and people plus how his workplace becomes his pulpit.

Also, they discuss having too much pride as a pastor, how important it is to steal away, and, of course, Christian hip hop.

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Podcast - theBookkeeper247 PodcastEP 18: with Special Guest Pastor C. Richardson:

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