theBookkeeper247 Podcast Ep. 30: Interview with Christian Rap Artist Prafit Josiah

theBookkeeper247 Podcast Episode 30 with Guest Prafit Josiah

theBookkeeper247 Podcast Ep. 28: Interview with Christian Rap Artist Prafit Josiah

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Episode 30 Details: Prafit Josiah | 30 Years In CHH | A.I. In Christian Hip Hop | Divorce | Sade of Christian Rap | Witnessed Cousin’s Death on Facebook | Grown Folks Music In CHH | Men In Women Sports

theBookkeeper247 Podcast Ep. 30: Interview with Christian Rap Artist Prafit Josiah.

Welcome to episode 30 of theBookkeeper247 Podcast, where we have a special guest, Prafit Josiah!

In this insightful episode, we delve into various aspects of Prafit Josiah’s life and career.

We explore the emotional journey of his parent’s divorce and how it shaped his music. Additionally, Prafit Josiah shares his experience forming the group Prafits with his brother, and we discuss his remarkable 30-year involvement in Christian Hip Hop (CHH).

During our conversation, we touch upon a powerful incident that occurred when witnessed his cousin’s tragic death on Facebook. This event played a significant role in his return to music and reignited his passion for the art form.

We also explore the intriguing question of why Prafit Josiah is often referred to as the “Sade of Christian Rap.” Furthermore, we dive into topics such as the presence of “Grown Folks Music” in Christian Hip Hop. Is there enough variety and depth in the genre? Or is Christian Hip Hop primarily targeted toward kids?

We explore these questions and the evolving landscape of CHH. In this episode, we also touch upon the issue

 of men not embracing their true masculine identities and the impact it has on society. Prafit Josiah shares his thoughts and insights on this topic.

Lastly, we explore the potential role of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) in supporting Christians and Christian Hip Hop artists. Can A.I. offer valuable assistance and guidance in their creative processes? We delve into the promises and challenges of this emerging technology.

Join us for this compelling conversation with Prafit Josiah, where we discuss personal struggles, the state of Christian Hip Hop, and the role of A.I. in the industry.

Tune in and gain valuable insights from this engaging podcast episode!

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Podcast - theBookkeeper247 Podcast ep. 30 with special guest Prafit Josiah:

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theBookkeeper247 Podcast Ep. 30: Interview with Christian Rap Artist Prafit Josiah